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The FOX News Rundown is a news-based daily morning podcast. Each morning, Jacqui Heinrich, Dave Anthony, Lisa Brady, Jessica Rosenthal and Chris Foster take a deep dive into the major and controversial stories of the day, tapping into the massive reporting resources of FOX News to provide a full picture of the news. You'll hear a contrast of perspectives you may not hear elsewhere while going far beyond the basic headlines. Each day The FOX News Rundown features insight from top newsmakers, along with FOX News reporters and contributors, plus a daily commentary on a significant issue of the day. Check us out each morning.

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This week, President Biden announced he will require all federal workers to get the COVID vaccine  or submit to frequent testing. This comes just days after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revised its recommendation for fully vaccinated Americans to wear masks indoors in areas with high coronavirus cases. The two decisions were intended to curb the impact of the Delta variant, but also created confusion and anger among many Americans. Earlier on the FOX News Rundown, host Jessica Rosenthal spoke to FOX News Medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel about the new mask guidelines, the imposition of vaccine mandates by some agencies and whether or not both policies were based on solid science.  Dr. Siegel explained why he believes the threat of Delta variant and the current COVID surge did justify some increased precautions, he also explained why he felt the recent actions by health officials and the federal government could be going too far.  Our original conversation with Dr. Marc Siegel was too long and we could not include all of it in our original segment. On FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear our complete interview with the FOX News Medical contributor and get a better understanding of what he thinks can be done to address both the threat of the Delta variant and vaccine hesitancy.

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