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The most elite pop-culture group chat is inviting you to join the convo! Join hosts and real-life friends, Sam, Alanna, Adina, and Lianna as they bring their energetic, informative, and never-not-active group chat to the podcasting world. With new episodes every week… let’s hash it out! INSTAGRAM: @rehashingpodcast Business inquiries:

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Hot girl summer 2021 is approaching so it’s time to get VAXED AND WAXED! After a brief hiatus Sam, Alanna, Lianna and Adina returned to discuss the biggest stories over the last two weeks. The girls rehashed the 56th Annual ACM awards and Demi’s Big (NOT) Chill moment. Respects were paid to the late Prince Philip and what we saw from the Royal Family at his funeral. Kourtney K turned 42 this week, and her new bf Travis Barker almost caused the latest Kardashian scandal. But of course, no episode is complete without the Weekly Well Wishes and Mazel Tovs, and an update on WWRWL! ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆ INSTAGRAM: @rehashingpodcast Business inquiries:

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