Oldie But A Goodie

Oldie But A Goodie

Sandro Falce & Zach Adams

Join Sandro Falce and Zach Adams as they embark on a journey throughout the year of 2001*. They will review one film a week from that year, during the week in which it came out in, and decide whether the movie is an oldie or a goodie. (*: For 2019 episodes, we cover 1994. For 2020 episodes, we cover 1984. For 2021 episodes, we cover 1987)

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Tom Selleck and his moustache star as a cowboy in this week's movie: Crossfire Trail! This TV film, originally aired on January 21st in 2001, is a throwback to the classic cowboy tales of old. It tells the story of Selleck trying to honour his best friend's dying wish. Sure, it doesn't really do anything new for the Western genre, but it was the most-watched TV movie of all time until 2007 so surely it's got to be good! Right? Join the Bad Porridge Club on Patreon for TWO bonus episodes each month! https://www.patreon.com/oldiebutagoodiepod Follow the show! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oldiebutagoodiepod/  Facebook: https://fb.me/oldiebutagoodiepod Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfdXHxK_rIUsOEoFSx-hGA  Podcast Platforms: https://linktr.ee/oldiebutagoodiepod  Got feedback? Send us an email at oldiebutagoodiepod@gmail.com Follow the hosts! Sandro Falce - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sandrofalce/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandrofalce - Letterboxd: https://letterboxd.com/SandroFalce/ - Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kegelandgregmusic  - Nerd-Out Podcast: https://anchor.fm/nerd-out-podcast  Zach Adams - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zach4dams/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZackoCaveWizard Oldie But A Goodie's theme tune is written and produced by Josh Cake. Check out his work here: https://www.joshcake.com/ Donations: https://paypal.me/oldiebutagoodiepod Please do not feel like you have to contribute anything but any donations are greatly appreciated! Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/oldiebutagoodiepod See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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