Oldie But A Goodie

Oldie But A Goodie

Sandro Falce & Zach Adams

Join Sandro Falce and Zach Adams as they embark on a journey throughout the year of 2001*. They will review one film a week from that year, during the week in which it came out in, and decide whether the movie is an oldie or a goodie. (*: For 2019 episodes, we cover 1994. For 2020 episodes, we cover 1984. For 2021 episodes, we cover 1987)

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The sea is a scary place. It's full of dangerous unknowns, creatures yet to be discovered... And evil talking fish played by Alan Rickman! This week, we're reviewing the American version of a Danish animated kids movie called Help! I'm a Fish! It's about a bunch of kids being turned into fish by Monty Python's Terry Jones. One of the kids is played by Aaron Paul! In this very silly episode, we discover that one of us has seen this before, and we try to uncover the unexplained mysteries of why anything in this movie happens.

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