Money and Mindset With Bright and Brian

Money and Mindset With Bright and Brian

Bright Dickson and Brian Ford

He knows money. She studies happiness. Together, experts Brian Ford and Bright Dickson discuss ways to grow your financial confidence and live happier. Tune in to each episode as they explore the connection between your finances and well-being, offering practical advice and inspiration for rethinking your relationship to money. Bright Dickson, Happiness expert. Bright Dickson is a teacher and student of positive psychology with experience in resiliency, leadership, and group dynamics. On the Truist culture team, she works with people to increase optimism, connection, and performance through greater awareness. She earned a B.A. from Columbia University and a master’s of applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Brian Ford, Financial expert. Brian Ford is the Head of Financial Wellness at Truist and the author of the book “The 8 Pillars of Financial Greatness.” As a financial expert and teacher, he aims to bring simplicity and ease to financial education. Brian has dual bachelor’s degrees in business management and marriage, family, and human development from Brigham Young University, as well as a master’s degree in personal finance. As a financial coach, Brian helps people and businesses reach their financial goals and achieve their dreams.

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