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Golden's Oldies

Golden’s Oldies on Lifestyles 55 Radio

Golden’s Oldies, a light-hearted look back at the British charts through the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Sprinkled with anecdotes of working in the biggest UK venues and unusual song facts, Chris Golden brings a touch of fun from his days over three decades as a UK disc jockey. For requests, dedications and interesting music trivia, follow along at Golden’s Oldies (The Chris Golden Show) Facebook page.

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Episode 30, and yet another 100+ minutes of great music for Boomers et al. The regular Motown Moment, Sounds of Surf and the Sixties-Nine, plus a version of San Francisco you may never have heard before. Number ones from  Kate Bush, the Kinks and the Shadows and the Tracks Less Travelled are from the Rolling Stones, Alison Moyet, and the Everly Brothers.
All Golden's Oldies playlists are found on my Facebook page; Golden's Oldies (The Chris Golden Show).......just search playlists.

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