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Proper English

If you’re learning English and you want to know the correct word to use in a particular situation, if you get stuck thinking of the right preposition, if you are puzzled by definite and indefinite articles, then Proper English is the podcast for you!

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This week, we're looking at two words: fun and funny - and we do our level best to explain the difference in meaning, and also their history and origins. The Idiom of the Week is 'a barrel of laughs.' No, really, it is.Like us on Facebook (properenglish2019), and follow us on Twitter (@properenglish4) or YouTube . Oh, and if you have a burning English grammar-related question, why not ask us on Instagram (properenglish2019), and we'll do our best to answer - or, if you're an email kind of person, and you have any feedback or suggestions for future podcasts, you can always contact us at can find us on italki at or podcast uses the following music as the opening and closing themes, and also for incidental music:Bright Wish by Kevin MacLeodLink: also used the following sound from Freesound:Sitcom Laughter 9x, Small Audience by KinotonThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.

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