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In this episode I talk with Jason McIntosh, the founder of Motion Trader, a subscription-based trading service for ASX listed stocks. I’ve known Jason since 1994 when I first joined Bankers Trust in their foreign exchange department where Jason was the Yen Forwards trader.

I’ve always known Jason to be patient and disciplined in his trading. Even back in the dark ages when he was a discretionary trader. His trading today is 100% algorithmic and it was interesting to hear about his logical evolution into algorithmic trading.

He runs a highly transparent strategy and one of his many great comments in this conversation was that trading is not about secrets, it’s about process. I personally found Jason’s approach to markets almost like an antidote to the current uncertainty confronting market participants today. I hope you find the conversation as interesting and insightful as I did. Enjoy.

Jason McIntosh can be found at:



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